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Simple and Fast

Step 1

truck carrying SiteSaver rolled up

SiteSaver is delivered to the drilling site on rolls typically to the length of the pad to be lined.

Step 2

bulldozer positioning SiteSaver

Sub-assemblies move easily into position on site.

Step 3

workers rolling out SiteSaver

Once into position, sub-assemblies can be easily unrolled.

Step 4

bulldozer on SiteSaver

SiteSaver quickly squares into position with available equipment.


Designed to be Installed Quickly

The Sitesaver is designed to be simple and expandable so that it can fit any size job site.


Protection from Spills

  • Sub-assemblies are connected via an electro-fusion process.
  • When used with a fiberglass grate, the surface remains safe for employees and contractors to walk on.
  • SiteSaver can be field-cut to accommodate cellars or other needs as the site is developed.
  • A fiberglass grates and rig mat can placed on top of SiteSaver for additional reinforcement.
SiteSaver being positioned with a Skid Steer Loader