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Primary Containment

Perhaps the Most Effective Primary Containment Liner on the Market

Primary Containment

SImply a better lining and containment system

Primary Containment is the most important preventative measure against potential spills of petrochemicals, frack water and other hazardous liquids.

The SiteSaver™ HDPE lining system has proven to be one of the most effective primary containment solutions for oil and natural gas drilling sites. Made from one of the most durable and corrosion resistant materials on the market, SiteSaver™ will help avoid the costly expense of liner replacement and maintenance, spill clean-up and government fines. 

Primary Applications

Sitesaver Primary Features

  • Designed and approved for use to PA Regulations Act 13
  • Made with recycled HDPE & 100% recyclable
  • Installs quickly, removes quickly and can be re-used min three times
  • UV, chemical and weather resistant
  • Puncture/tear resistant with low maintenance
  • Minimize “slip, trip & fall” incidents
  • Provides a safer working environment when used in conjunction with gravel,
  • fibergrates or rigmats
  • No VOCs
  • Collect and direct water or critical fluids
  • Has containment within containment capability – Berms can segregate areas
  • within the primary containment, providing a low cost solution
  • Permanent or temporary
  • Easily transportable
SiteSaver laid out on a site