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Secondary Containment

When it Comes to Secondary Spill Containment, Leak Prevention is Our ONLY Goal

Secondary Containment

A Proven, Low Cost Secondary Containment System

SiteSaver’s secondary containment systems are designed to prevent leaks and from spills that might occur in or around tanks, generators, vehicles, lighttowers, or any other piece of equipment storing biofuel, chemicals, ethanol, oil, gas, diesel fuel and petroleum. SiteSaver berms are easy to install and feature fusible seams for a leak free secondary containment system.

Secondary Applications

Sitesaver Secondary Features

  • The base material is two to three times thicker than most liners. Made with HDPE, it will withstand the roughest treatment and offers excellent chemical and UV resistance
  • Easily transported, rolled-out, and positioned on location
  • Assembled in a fraction of the time required by other containment systems
  • Wall heights up to 6 ft. are supported by steel wall supports that will not collapse or deform and are easily installed
  • Corners require only two through-bolts
  • Any wall section can be laid flat to allow equipment to be rolled in or out of the containment and then quickly secured to provide watertight containment
  • Easily cleaned, rolled-up, and reused multiple times
  • Can be enlarged or modified on location utilizing fusion–welding technology
  • 100% recyclable once SiteSaver SC is placed out of service
pump surrounded by SiteSaver
SiteSaver next to a cargo container

SiteSaver™ SC

Portable Secondary Containments

Introducing the SiteSaver SC, a sister product to the SiteSaver Drill Pad Containment System. It is specifically designed to address the performance criteria and environmental regulations required for secondary containment solutions.

SiteSaver SC features HDPE floor panels and berms (up to 6 ft. tall) to contain spills near the source of contamination and prevent run-off onto the entire well pad.